Keiser's Oregon plans receive boost


Sean Dudley

Mike Keiser’s plans for a 27-hole municipal golf course about seven miles south of his existing Bandon Dunes course in Oregon, have received a concerted boost.

Keiser has been in negotiations with the state of Oregon regarding a potential land swap for four years, and a preliminary agreement has now been reached with the state governor. Keiser is now closer to acquiring the land necessary to create the new course, which is set to be designed by Olympic course designer Gil Hanse.

Though only the first stage in a three-step approval process, the preliminary agreement is a definite sign of progression in the negotiation process, which has been a slow burner since the initial plans were outlined.

Keiser initially proposed 210 acres in the Bandon State Natural Area (BSNA) in exchange for 110 acres elsewhere in the BSNA and 97 acres adjacent to Bullards Beach State Park. It is thought that the deal that has been struck will see very low price rates to locals and children, with Keiser even commending Tim Wood, the director of the state’s parks and recreation department, on his bargaining abilities in the press.

The next step is for the board of state parks to give the plans their blessing. Many of the problems that Keiser has faced have been surrounding the need for the land swap to have an ‘overwhelming public benefit’.

A decision is not likely to be made by the board for several months, but it remains a possibility that construction of the new course will begin in autumn 2014.