King Island links enters construction


King Island links enters construction
Sean Dudley
By Adam Lawrence

American architect Mike DeVries has begun construction of a new links course on the northern coast of King Island, between the Australian mainland and Tasmania. The property, at Cape Wickham, in the shadow of Australia's tallest lighthouse, has been described by DeVries as “the best I have seen, anywhere in the world”.

Victoria-based contractor Turnpoint is handling the build. The site includes a north-facing beach known as Victoria Cove, a rocky headland called Cape Farewell and some huge sand dune structures in golf. Sea views will be constant throughout the round.

The Michigan-based DeVries, who began his career working for Tom Doak, has relocated his family to the small island to personally oversee construction of the golf holes. His routing includes eight holes directly along the coast and another two that end with greens pressed back against the shoreline.

DeVries said: “The combination of the Cape Farewell headland, Victoria Cove, Cape Wickham Lighthouse, views to ocean and shorelines, as well as the prospect of direct golfer interaction with the water makes this the most amazing site I have witnessed, existing or imagined. I’m very excited to be working in Australia and in particular on King Island. The opportunity is a great one because it’s a beautiful site and all the people associated with the project have been a pleasure to work with.”

Access onto the island is by plane, from either Tullamarine or Moorabbin airports in Melbourne, or from Launceston and Burnie airports in Tasmania. Construction of the golf course is expected to be completed sometime in 2014. King Island, which already has a nine hole course often named Australia's best, is set to become one of the country's leading golf destinations, as local designer Graeme Grant is also working on a new links course for the island.