Lohmann Golf Designs begins renovation work at Newman Golf Course


Lohmann Golf Designs begins renovation work at Newman Golf Course
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A renovation project is underway at the Newman Golf Course in Peoria, Illinois.

The Peoria Park District, the course’s owners and operators, has brought in the Lohmann Golf Designs firm to lead the project.

Much of the initial work will focus on the course’s greens, which have been a cause of concern in recent times, particularly during the hot summer months.

To help improve conditions, internal drainage capacity will be improved and surfaces will be expanded to provide more space for varied pinning and help spread wear.

Many holes also suffer from major drainage issues, and a new mainline drainage system will be installed. Laterals will also be introduced to the adjacent fairways to capture water.

A statement from Lohmann Golf Designs sent to GCA by Todd Quitno, a senior project architect at the firm, read: “We feel there is a great opportunity to make improvements at Newman that will attract a wider array of golfers, including more highly-skilled players. We believe it starts with rectifying the issue with the greens, the number one asset on any golf course, then turning our attention to improvements on the tees, bunkers and drainage with the hopes of restoring the facility to local championship glory. The hope is that Newman can ultimately cater to every golfer type, from beginner to scratch, while preserving the traditional character that makes it a hallmark facility for valued, long-standing patrons like the city’s Progressive League.”