Long-delayed Bled renovation will finally start next spring


Long-delayed Bled renovation will finally start next spring
Sean Dudley
By Adam Lawrence

British firm Swan Golf Designs has been reappointed as consulting architect to the Bled golf resort in Slovenia.

Swan was first hired at Bled several years ago and proposed a substantial programme of improvements to the resort’s 18-hole King’s course, originally designed by Austrian Rudolf von Gelmini-Kreutzhof. The course fell into disrepair during World War II and Yugoslavia’s subsequent period of Communist rule, but was recreated by Donald Harradine in the 1970s. Swan also identified possible improvements to the later nine hole Lake course.

These works were never carried out, but the resort has since changed hands, and been acquired by Serbian entrepreneur Dragan Solak. Solak has revived the Swan connection, and architect Howard Swan will visit the property shortly, with the intention of starting a comprehensive renovation programme next spring.

“The project will include the redesign and reconstruction of all greens, tees and bunkers with associated reshaping of green surrounds and fairways where appropriate, and the installation of a state-of-the-art irrigation system to help maintain perfect playing conditions throughout the golfing season,” said Swan. “In addition Bled will benefit from a renewed focus on the management and development of out-of-play areas to improve the course’s integration into its wider landscape setting supported by the creation of new woodland, grassland and aquatic habitats. Work on site is programmed to begin in March 2015, with a phased construction timetable ensuring that at least 18 holes remain in play at all times.”