Mandell plans golf design family tree


Sean Dudley
By Adam Lawrence

American architect Richard Mandell has begun work on what he hopes will be the most comprehensive directory of golf course architects yet created.

With the support of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, of which he is an associate member, Mandell intends to reach out to architects around the world, looking for information on their practices, their mentors and the people that have worked for them over the years. Using this data, he will then draw up a 'family tree' of golf course design, showing who trained with who, and where, connecting many of today's architects back to the birth of the profession.

Mandell said: “I began my career working for Dan Maples, who trained with his father Ellis, who in turn got his start with Donald Ross. Although our profession has expanded across the world, it remains fairly small and tightly knit, and I expect most architects will have similar links back to some of the great names of the past.”

Golf course architects who have information for Mandell are asked to contact him via email at