McNeil revives seven years closed Rhode Island course


McNeil revives seven years closed Rhode Island course
Sean Dudley
By Adam Lawrence

Architect Robert McNeil expects to complete construction soon on the Preserve at Boulder Hills, a revamp of the former Foxwoods Country Club course in Rhode Island, which has lain fallow for seven years.

Owner Paul Mihailides hired McNeil to transform the rugged 200 acre property, which is around 15 minutes from the Atlantic coast, into a new-look golf course.

“The layout blends handpicked elements of the old course and the natural character of the site resulting in a routing that is meant to ignite a visual and strategic charge,” said McNeil. “When you think of Rhode Island, buffalo meandering in meadows is certainly not the first thought that comes to mind. Imagine eyeing a shot to a pin tucked on a high plateau protected by bulging rock and framed by meadow grasses when a group of bison pass along the high ridge in the distance.”

The revived club will also include fishing, off road biking, hiking, rock climbing, zip lining, skeet, clay and seasonal bird and small game hunting.