Meadowbrook CC project reaches grow in stage following renovations


Meadowbrook CC project reaches grow in stage following renovations
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A series of renovations to the golf course at Meadowbrook Country Club in the Detroit suburb of Northville, Michigan, are now complete.

Led by golf course architect Andy Staples, the project has now reached the grow in stage. Provided the greens, tees, fairways and roughs grow in well over the coming six months, the club will reopen the course around mid-May.

The Meadowbrook course was originally designed by Willie Park Jr back in 1916 as a six-hole track. Since then, the course has been expanded to a full 18 holes, with a number of architects working at Meadowbrook, including Donald Ross.

“I am astounded at the quality of the grow in and how well the place has established,” said Staples. “There are 12-14 holes ready for play already, and the last holes are not far behind. With a friendly winter and a warm spring, we’ll be open on time. I’m also blown away with the views across the property and how each hole now allows for strategic views from one hole to the next, taking advantage of the dramatic topography.”

Much of the focus from the club’s membership has been on the reworked greens. Staples has aimed to keep consistent greens speeds, which were somewhat distinctive to the course and known locally as ‘Meadowbrook speed.’

“With the addition of more bentgrass on the fairways, approaches and green surrounds, the course will provide more options of play, and be a course golfers will need to think their way around,” said Staples. “There is no doubt in my mind that Meadowbrook will be one of the most unique clubs in the area.”