MIA Sports Solutions installs studios at new Nike Performance Fitting Centre


MIA Sports Solutions installs studios at new Nike Performance Fitting Centre
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

MIA Sports Solutions has recently been part of the project team behind the new Nike Performance Fitting Centre at Archerfield Links in Scotland, UK.

The company was commissioned to design plan and install three state-of-the-art Tech:Ex Full Flight Solution Studios and a Tech:Ex Putting Studio within the new purpose built golf academy at the club.

The studios aim to help golfers enhance their game by giving them the custom-fitting experience and a comprehensive game analysis, as well as specialist advice and training from Archerfield’s coaching staff, which includes former Ryder Cup player Andrew Coltart and European Tour coach Gary Nicol.

Sean Dudley spoke to Andrew Keast, MIA Sports Solutions’ director, about the project.

How did the project at Archerfield Links first come about?

MIA Sports Solutions – the performance studio design service within our parent company MIA Sports Technology – has a global reputation having design and installed facilities for customers across Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Archerfield Links made plans during 2013 to build a state-of-the-art academy facility, having agreed to partner with Nike Golf. They researched the market, and made contact with us. We set up a meeting at our Tech:Ex showroom facility at our Huddersfield HQ which allowed us to map out how we help customers turn visions into the reality of a finished facility. I guess the rest as they say is history, from that meeting we developed designs for the four studios and through a detailed project management process completed the installation during the third week of June in readiness for the official opening on 7 July. The result is spectacular. We are very proud of the achievement although I stress the professionalism and vision of both Archerfield Links and Nike Golf were a major contributing factor.

How is Mia Sports Solutions’ technology helping the team at Archerfield Links deliver a great experience for customers?

Our philosophy has always been about designing an creating an outstanding experience for the golfer. What we have done is to deploy the very best technologies available on the market and integrate them together in a seamless way. Any customer experiencing the Nike Performance Fitting Centre at Archerfield Links will walk away knowing in detail about all aspects of their game, what equipment is best suited to them and opportunities for improvement. The whole experience is exceptional.

Have you had any feedback as of yet and if so, how has it been?

Yes, and it’s been very positive. I was at Archerfield this week and the reaction of members and the wider media has been tremendous, and the positive impact on the brand is clearly evident. The team is still finding their way around what is a new home but the conversion rate of customers experiencing a club fit is very close to 90 per cent. Objective results are always critical as you can appreciate when evaluating a commercial return on investment.

Do you have any other projects in the pipeline?

Yes, happily so! Our project pipeline is healthy at the moment with a range of projects across our typical markets. These include the UK, Eastern Europe, Dubai and Australia, which tends to peak at opposing seasons to Europe. There is also a possibility of our first project in South America too, so it looks like exciting times ahead.