Mingay finishes first phase of Derrick Club course reconstruction


Mingay finishes first phase of Derrick Club course reconstruction
Sean Dudley
By Adam Lawrence

Phase one of a C$5.5 million redesign of the Derrick Golf and Winter Clubʼs golf course in Edmonton, Canada is complete.

Architect Jeff Mingay, who is in charge of the complete rebuild of the course, has constructed and grassed the new first, second and third holes, plus holes 12-18, along with building a new short game practice area on what was the old courseʼs fifth fairway.

Construction of the new courseʼs remaining eight holes and an improved practice range will being next spring. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of summer, with the new Derrick Club course debuting in spring 2015.

“We had a good summer at the Derrick,” said Mingay. “There are always a few hiccups, or more, in golf course construction. But this first phase went really well under the circumstance, mostly thanks to course superintendent Darryl Maxwell, whoʼs also acting as project manager, and our contractor, TDI Golf and its drainage affiliate, XGD Systems.”

The largest component of the Derrick project is the installation of an extensive sub-surface drainage system. “The Derrick is laid out over a relatively flat property with heavy soils,” Mingay said. “Thanks to TDIʼs and XGDʼs expertise and staff, this property is going to drain like no one else might have imagined it could, which is going to significantly improve turf health and playability. Improving drainage was really the impetus of this project. The need to improve a very poor drainage situation is what allowed us to also go ahead with a complete redesign of the course.”

Mingay's redesign includes major adjustment to the general layout and sequence of play at the Derrick Club. Three of six new holes were completed in 2013; and, every feature of the golf course is redesigned, and will be reconstructed, including tees, bunkers and greens. Fairway areas have also been contoured to facilitate surface drainage. And, a significant number of trees have been removed throughout the property as well, which will also assist with improving turf health and playability.

“When we’re done, the Derrickʼs going to have a brand new golf course that will match all of the other excellent facilities at the club,” Mingay said. “Itʼs also going to be a golf course that's unique to the Edmonton market, which I think is most important.”