Moonlight Golfing project launched


Moonlight Golfing project launched
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A new illumination system from Moonlight Golfing claims to have the ability to extend the hours golf courses can stay open for.

Moonlight Golfing offers an energy-efficient alternative to floodlighting and uses LED technology to indicate the positions of the facets of the course. It is both weather resistant and does not affect the path of the ball in play.

The technology can be implemented on new projects or existing courses, and Moonlight Golfing is hoping that, by extending the potential hours of play, golf courses can boost revenue.

Different sections of the hole are represented by different coloured LED lights, with the bounds of the teeing ground, fairways, roughs, sand bunkers, water hazards and greens given respective colours. The greens are lit by two lights, one of which emanates from the flag itself.

The first implementation has gone ahead at the Beroun golf resort near Prague, Czech Republic.