New control system from Rain Bird


New control system from Rain Bird
Sean Dudley

Rain Bird has launches a new irrigation control solution. The IC System is a control platform that uses the company’s integrated control technology to link a course’s central control directly with its rotors and valves.

By incorporating a small integrated control module with each rotor or valve, Rain Bird says the IC System eliminates the need for decoders or satellite controllers on the course. Product manager Matt Mikucki said: “With fewer parts, the IC System is easy to design, install and maintain. The IC System requires up to 90 per cent less wire and has simple design parameters that result in faster installation and a significant reduction in the cost of both materials and labour.”

“The IC System has unmatched electrical capacity: every sprinkler and valve can be turned on simultaneously. The only limiting factor now is the size of your pump station and your piping’s hydraulic capacity,” Mikucki added. “Also, integrated control modules can be added almost anywhere there’s wire, with only two splices necessary to install each device adding sprinklers has never been easier.”