New cost saving calculator


Sean Dudley

Syngenta has released a free online cost saving calculator designed to highlight the savings that can be achieved by moving to their Primo Maxx Ultimate Fairway Programme.

The tool allows club managers and greenkeepers to enter details of their club’s individual costs and fairway mowing routing and takes into account mower operator and mechanic wages, machinery repairs, fuel and depreciation, along with the club’s fairway mower replacement policy.

It highlights the savings that could be made by switching to their Primo Maxx Ultimate Fairway Programme – which involves the use of Syngenta’s Primo Maxx turf regulator and Everris’ Sportsmaster water soluble fertiliser.

“Fairways are the largest areas of playing surface on the golf course, and for many take the greatest amount of labour to cut and manage. The calculator enables clubs to look more closely at new techniques to reduce costs and improve the turf quality – which are both elements essential for financial viability and to enhance the playing experience,” said Syngenta business manager, Rod Burke.

Robert George, course manager at Thorndon Park Golf Club in Essex, followed the programme in preparation for a high profile tournament in September 2011. “Long after the event the products continued to work and improve our fairways. As conditions suited the products, the more they seemed to boost recovery and aesthetics.”

The online calculator is available via