New course in Indian city of Shillong


New course in Indian city of Shillong
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A new 18-hole golf course has been inaugurated and the first round played at the AssamRifles headquarters in Shillong, India.

One of the more established golfing areas of the country, the new course has recently received recognition from the Indian Golf Union, and it is hoped that a new course will further enhance the sport’s growing profile in north east India.

Over 6,000 yards in length, the course stands at 5,600ft in altitude and is the second course in the city, after Shillong Golf Course. One of the most famous courses in the country, Shillong Golf Course attracts tourists from both India and from further afield, and the new AssamRifles course will provide visitors to Shillong with a second golfing option.

The AssamRifles club has partnered with other clubs in the region as part of an agreement that allows golfers to play on the courses of affiliated clubs.

“Regular golf tournaments will be conducted on the new golf course at the Assam Rifles Environmental Park and Training Area,” brigadier Shammi Raj, inspector general and captain of the new Assam Rifles Golf Course told The Times of India. “The local course agreement will further help in fostering better understanding and strengthening the bond between Assam Rifles and the rest of the locals.”