New course to be built using Southwest Greens synthetic turf


New course to be built using Southwest Greens synthetic turf
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A new nine-hole golf course, academy and driving range is now under construction near St. Tropez.

Named ‘Golf Up’, the facility will be built entirely of Southwest Greens’ proprietary performance synthetic turf systems and will cover an area of more than 35,000 sq m.

“Once we started developing Golf Up, it became very clear that we had to do the entire project using synthetic turf,” said Robert Roussille, executive director of Golf Up. “Firstly, because of the positive impact on maintenance and operational costs, which was critical to the financial feasibility of the project, and secondly, it enables us to have our training centre and golf course open all year around with the same exceptional quality of turf.”

The facility has been designed by golf architect Jean-Claude Cornillot, and is set to open in spring 2017.

“Our high performance turf systems mimic the surfaces of championship calibre natural surfaces,” said Kevin Holinaty, president of Southwest Greens Construction. “This project propels the industry into a new dimension, demonstrating that our performance turf systems are a real solution for all components on the golf course and driving range.”