New heathland-style course for Turkey


Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Thomson Perrett & Lobb is designing a heathland style course on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. The Carya Golf Club in Antalya will be set on sand hills, cutting through a mature pine and eucalyptus forest.

Peter Thomson said: "This is an exceptional piece of land on which to build a golf course. It is reminiscent of the famous Surrey heathland courses near London that I rate among the world's best. So I am very excited about the prospect of TPL creating a traditional style course in Turkey." The 96-hectare site is just 200 metres from the beach. The sandy terrain will enable the course to be constructed with minimal disruption to the environment. Designer Tim Lobb said: "What will set this course apart is its traditional and classic style. It's one of the best pieces of land I have seen in the region, with a sand ridge that will feature on numerous holes.

The area is heavily forested with corridors of trees through which we will run holes, plus spectacular pine and eucalyptus that will become an integral part of the course strategy. It's an outstanding site that enables us to create a free flowing, expansive and highly natural course." Design work on the new course is already underway, with construction due to start in Autumn 2006. The opening date is expected to be November 2007.