New irrigation system at Broadstone


Sean Dudley

Broadstone Golf Club in Dorset, England, has completed the installation of a new irrigation system.

The heathland course, originally laid out in 1898 by Tom Dunn and completely remodelled in 1914 by Harry Colt, previously had a 25 year old system that was coming to the end of its useful life. Broadstone engaged British irrigation consultant Roger Davey of Irritech to design a new system, and contractor MJ Abbott – based not far away in Salisbury – to install it.

The new system, supplied by Toro and including a GDC Site Pro controlled, covers all tees, greens, surrounds and some fairway landing areas. It has been designed to be easily expandable to give full fairway cover in the future, if circumstances permit.

Abbotts also designed and constructed a new 60 cubic metre per hour pumping station to feed the irrigation system. The firm also has an ongoing arrangement with the club to maintain the system. Broadstone’s agronomic consultancy, STRI, said in a report that the new system should enable to club to reduce the amount of water it needs to apply to ensure good plant health.