New nine-hole course to open at Westerham Golf Club this summer


  • Nemu2

    The bunkerless third hole with the open mosaic habitat to both sides

  • Nemu2

    The newly constructed pond on the seventh hole

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A new nine-hole course will open this summer at Westerham Golf Club in Kent, UK.

Designed by golf course architect David Williams, the Churchill par three course has been created on land which was formerly part of the Brasted Sand Pits extraction site.

The site had been left unattended for several years, and has developed a number of plant species and invertebrates of ecological importance. These have been maintained and protected throughout the creation of the new course, and have been left as ‘open mosaic’ areas, where plants and species will be allowed to grow wild and add to the interest of the course.

Highlights of the layout include the 150 yard third hole, which, though bunkerless, will see players having to negotiate elements of the open mosaic habitat.

A new lake has been constructed, and will come into play on the 135-yard seventh hole, with players having to decide whether to take the flag on, especially when positioned directly behind the water.

The new course will be used by juniors and adults to develop their skills before progressing to the full 18-hole course at the club, which was also designed by Williams and opened in 1997.