New par three course at Thai resort


New par three course at Thai resort
Sean Dudley

The Black Mountain golf resort in Hua Hin, Thailand, has opened its new par three course, known as Dragon’s Breath.

Designed by Australian architect Phil Ryan, whose company, Pacific Coast Design, also created Black Mountain’s main eighteen hole course, Dragon’s Breath is designed to give golfers a full-on experience in a shorter time.

“Members with handicaps of 20 or more have really enjoyed it,W” said general manager Harald Ellison. “It's not a course for beginners, but appeals to low, middle and even higher handicappers who want to test their skills.”

The course is located in a natural valley, with a stone-walled watercourse running through the centre of the nine holes. On either side are holes of 125-175 metres from the back tees, down to 85 metres from the front boxes. By using different tees for some holes, tee-to-green shots of more than 200 metres are possible. And there will even be a tee on the clubhouse roof for novelty events.

European Tour pros Johan Edfors, Pelle Edberg and Alex Noren recently visited Black Mountain and tried out Dragon’s Breath. “It compares more than favourably to Valderrama's par three course in Spain,” said Noren. Edfors agreed: “You could take every hole, put it on a championship layout and it would fit fine.”

Thai-based contractor Links Golf Services built the course.