New sustainable development guide


Sean Dudley

The Golf Environment Organization has published guidance for the sustainable development and renovation of golf facilities.

Designed to support a wide audience including the international golf development community, plus government, environment and community-based organizations, the document sets out practical ideas to help golf projects comprehensively and consistently deliver against the mainstream sustainability agenda.

Sustainable Golf Development: Creating a Positive Legacy is freely available on the GEO website, and also available to download or order in print. Launched in English and Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish editions are also underway.

GEO chief executive Jonathan Smith said: “We want to help people integrate the full range of sustainability issues throughout the unique and complex process of golf development and renovation — creating resource-efficient, ecologically rich, and community integrated golf facilities.”

Theodore Oben, head of sport and environment at the United Nations Environment Programme said: “It’s heartening to see golf engaged in highly credible sustainability action. The amount and quality of guidance, education, practical programmes and communications is indicative of a sector that recognises there is everything to gain and nothing to lose by embracing the subject.”

Veteran Chinese golf leader Dr Aylwin Tai, said he was pleased the guidance had been made available in the Chinese language. “Social and environmental issues are the largest external factors impacting the growth of golf in China,” he said. “Golf must fit the Chinese culture and landscapes, respecting and working for people and the environment.”