New-look hole at Estonian Golf


New-look hole at Estonian Golf
Sean Dudley

A new-look seventeenth hole is under construction at the Estonian Golf & Country Club, near the Baltic country’s capital of Tallinn.

Original architect Lassi Pekka Tilander has returned to EGCC to create the new hole, a par three of 182 yards. A large water hazard has been removed from the front of the green, and replaced with an area of managed scrubland, matching similar areas running along the adjacent sixth and seventh holes. The new scrubland will be predominantly sand-based, incorporating boulders and shrubs native to the landscape.

Club CEO Hanno Kross said: “The hole is already open for play and looks stunning even though it is not completed yet. The area has been laid and the water feature is finished, and by the start of next season all the shrubs will be planted and the boulders in place.

The scrubland – as with the area between the sixth and seventh – is not classed as a hazard and therefore players will be able to play their ball from the sand and even ground their club.