Nine-hole project reaches completion at Helmondse Golfclub Overbrug


  • Nemu2

    The second hole at Helmondse Golfclub Overbrug

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    The fairway of the fifth hole

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    The lake on the sixth hole

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    The green and greenside bunkering on the eighth hole

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A project to rebuild nine holes at the Helmondse Golfclub Overbrug in the Netherlands has reached completion.

Led by Frank Pont of Infinite Variety Golf Design, the nine hole course reopened this weekend following a six-month project.

The work was made possible by the purchase of additional land at the course near the town of Helmondse, which lies about 10 miles east of Eindhoven in the southern part of the Netherlands. 

This additional land allowed for a full length course to be created over the top of the existing smaller course, with Pont hired to lead the redevelopment work.

As part of the reimagining of the course, four new greens have been built, and the green surrounds of the existing greens have been given a more ‘classic’ feel by removing many of the original design’s round mounds. The course’s bunkering has also been worked on to provide a more ‘free-format style’ according to Pont.

“The project has required complicated planning for both the design and building stages,” Pont said. “This is to connect all aspects of the old and new holes, while allowing the members to play as much as possible during the works.”