Nuzzo celebrates his first decade


Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Houston-based golf course architect Mike Nuzzo is celebrating ten years in business.

“I’m proud to be marking the tenth year having my own firm,” said Nuzzo. “Golf design is my passion, and first and foremost, I believe that playing golf should be fun. The highlight of my first decade was Wolf Point Club, an eighteen hole personal golf course I designed on the Gulf Coast of Texas. I’m thrilled that every golfer who has been invited to Wolf Point thinks it’s as fun to play as I do.” (Read GCA’s review of Wolf Point).

Locked away on a secluded property near the Gulf Coast, Wolf Point was designed for the sole enjoyment of one man (the owner) and the golfers he invites to experience it with him. The objective was to build a challenging and easily walkable course that the owner could enjoy every single day. After spending weeks combing the vast property, Nuzzo found the location that enabled him to build the type of course the owner desired. 

Nuzzo says his goal was to make the golf course as fun as possible, yet challenging, and meet the owner’s request of not losing a ball on this windy site. To achieve this, Nuzzo created a strategic design, resulting in playing conditions reminiscent of Scotland – fast, firm and bouncy. Golfers invited to Wolf Point have called it “the most natural looking golf course I’ve ever seen” and “the greatest round of golf I’ve ever played.” 

Bucking modern irrigation trends, Nuzzo is committed to being as water and energy efficient as possible. Wolf Point was built for just US$3 million, which he attributes to his engineering background and efficient design processes. Nuzzo says his experience in the aerospace industry helped him create unique and efficient design systems, different from the rest of the golf industry.