October deadline for applicants to next intake of EIGCA training course


October deadline for applicants to next intake of EIGCA training course
Sean Dudley
By Adam Lawrence

The European Institute of Golf Course Architects is inviting candidates to apply for the next intake of its two year vocational qualification in golf course design. The programme will start up in spring of next year.

EIGCA – which sees promoting and maintaining high standards of golf course design and professional expertise as a key part of its mission – started the vocational programme in 2011, initially only for students who were employed by its members. Two years ago, it opened up the course to applicants who are able to secure an attachment to a practice with an EIGCA member, as well as those who are working with a member full time. The four students on the current course will complete their studies early next year and EIGCA is now accepting applications for the next course starting in April 2015 at its annual meeting in North Berwick.

EIGCA says the Student Attachment Programme offers students the opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ work experience in a practice, but without giving its members employment concerns – it’s effectively a contractual internship for a fixed number of days over a two year period. The deadline for applications is 17 October by which time SAP applicants need to have found an attachment.

Golf architect Alan Walker, chairman of EIGCA’s education committee said: “This approach slightly widens the entry criteria into the profession and allows SAP students to take some part-time paid work to help cover their course fees and day to day living expenses.”

Anyone interested in applying should view the programme details on EIGCA’s website.