Opening date set for Tom Doak’s new reversible course


Opening date set for Tom Doak’s new reversible course
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A new reversible golf course designed by Tom Doak will open for play on 27 June.

The Loop has been created at the Forest Dunes resort near Roscommon, Michigan, and represents the first course of its kind to open in the US.

“One of our goals with creating this new golf course was to make Forest Dunes a golf destination where golfers from around the country would want to come and stay for multiple nights and have a unique golf experience versus just passing through,” said Chad Maveus, general manager at Forest Dunes. “What we have now with The Loop is in essence three golf courses and a golf package that will allow golfers to stay for two-nights to play all three courses.”

Doak has said that he hopes golfers to find the course fun to play, but also to be curious about how the course could be played backwards.

“We want them to wonder how could it be just as good playing it backwards,” said Doak. “Then if they play it the next day, I’m not sure they will be able to remember exactly which hole was which the other way round. The hope is that people are fascinated to play it some more so they can understand how it fits together.”

The course will be a walking only experience, with the direction of the course altering on a daily basis.