Possible relocation for Aussie club


Sean Dudley

An Australian golf club may be on the verge of relocating to a new site if members approve a compensation package at a meeting next month.

Horton Park Golf Club, located in Maroochydore on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, could move to a new 119 hectare site to make way for the further development of the town centre. Members will vote on the deal, which includes A$42 million in compensation for the land, plus payments as required for the development and relocation to the new golf course site, at a meeting on 20 September. A previous offer, of A$39 million in compensation, was rejected by the club’s membership.

Local mayor Bob Abbot said: “This proposal sees the development of a new golf course on the Sunshine Coast, which is of significant importance to the local tourism industry, and it builds the confidence needed to proceed with the overall development of the Maroochydore town centre, allied infrastructure and the associated jobs that go with business expansion and new investment.”

Club president Geoff Davies said the new site could potentially accommodate 27 holes of golf. “This agreement provides certainly for the club, with members being able to play golf on the current site until June 2014,” he said. “The agreement reinforces that council is committed to working collaboratively with the club to achieve long-term positive outcomes for the members and the wider community.”