Rain Bird pushes water efficiency


With water efficiency right at the top of golf’s priority list, irrigation supplier Rain Bird has introduced a new series of rotors for sprinkler systems, which, the company says, enable greenkeepers to easily and quickly adjust watering on greens, fairways or roughs.

Rain Bird says its new full and part-circle 751 rotors offer simple, top-adjustable rotation settings that retain the memory of their part-circle arc setting when shifting between full and part-circle operations. As a result, the rotors allow users to increase or decrease the watering area with a twist of the wrist. The 751 rotors can be retrofitted into any EAGLE Rotor manufactured since 1992, which means that, in many instances, greenkeepers can drop the new internal assembly into their existing rotor cases, saving time and money.

Rain Bird says that field and laboratory tests have found the 751 rotors to be up to 23 per cent more efficient than those offered by its competitors.

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