Rebunkering at Wimbledon Park


Rebunkering at Wimbledon Park
Sean Dudley

UK-based design practice Thomson Perrett & Lobb is undertaking a bunker renovation project at Wimbledon Park Golf Club in southwest London.

Founded in 1898, the club has seen many changes, notably four different clubhouses. A fire destroyed the first in 1901, after which a replacement was built near the present eighteenth tee. In the 1930s, when alterations to the golf course were also proposed, another clubhouse was constructed, only for it to be subsequently destroyed in World War II. The bombings also made changes to the golf course and a bunker near the thirteenth green was created from one of the numerous bomb craters. 

TPL principal Tim Lobb said: “Wimbledon Park has a rich and colourful history and is a classic English parkland layout. Our plans are to review the current bunkering across the whole course and implement a design plan that will enhance the playing experience for members and guests.”

Course manager David Langheim, said: “TPL's work will give all golfers a greater strategic challenge when they play Wimbledon Park, but the improvements will also enhance the aesthetics of the course and make it much more appealing to the eye.”