Redesign of Forest Hills course edges closer to completion


Redesign of Forest Hills course edges closer to completion
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A redesign project at the Forest Hills Golf Course in La Crosse, Wisconsin, is nearing completion.

Led by a team from Jacobson Golf Course Design, the work at Forest Hills got underway in August 2015, and has included the construction of three completely new holes.

A hillside that previously separated holes 14 and 15 has now been excavated and a single hole has been created on that site, which will be the new fifteenth.

The soil from that hillside has been used to create two new holes – the thirteenth and fourteenth. 

The Burlington Northern Railroad runs through the site. Formerly, the course’s final hole was on the west side of the railway line, with the other 17 holes on the eastern side. Once the work on the new holes has been completed, the existing eighteenth hole will be converted into a game practice area, and a new tee and green will also be added to create a new par four eighteenth on the same side of the railroad as the other holes.

Wadsworth Golf Construction has carried out the construction work, and the course in its new layout is expected to be ready for play this July.