Second phase of Welwyn Garden City GC practice facility upgrade begins


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    Hodgson recently completed the project's first phase, which saw the development of a new short game area

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    The new greenside bunker on the short game area

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    A visualisation of the new practice outfield at Welwyn Garden City GC

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

The second phase of an extensive upgrade to the practice facility at Welwyn Garden City Golf Club in Hertfordshire, UK, is now underway.

Led by Anthony Hodgson, an associate member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects, the second phase of the project sees the development of a new four-hole academy course laid out over the club’s existing driving range.

In the project’s first phase, Hodgson developed a new short game area, as the previous area consisted of just a small 100 sq m green that sat in a low lying area and was regularly flooded. Furthermore the surrounding areas were not conducive to short game practice due to a steep cross-fall.

A new 300 sq m green complex has now been created, which includes a large greenside bunker that is adequately sized for group lessons.

Construction of the new four-hole academy is scheduled to get underway in September, with the aim of maximising the amount of land use functions at the site. 

The short course is being built on the outfield of the existing driving range, meaning the greens can be used as driving range targets when the short course is closed.

Due to the fact that the new short course will have a dual-use purpose, Hodgson is including durable synthetic greens, which will help with maintenance.

The seeding of green surrounds is likely to take place later this year, and the facility should open for play in spring 2017.