Six designers on Maldives shortlist


Six designers on Maldives shortlist
Sean Dudley

The Dutch firm behind the proposed floating golf course in the Maldives has announced that six of the 24 design firms that responded to the tender invitation have been shortlisted to bid for the project.

None of the firms have been named by developers Dutch Docklands, but the list is said to include ‘Major champions’ and ‘Ryder Cup legends’ – the last, presumably, being code for Colin Montgomerie, whose design work is done by European Golf Design, the firm owned jointly by the European Tour and IMG.

“Each candidate has been required to follow a stringent set of guidelines integral to our joint venture initiative with the Maldives government,” said Dutch Docklands CEO Paul Van De Camp. “We are looking for a design partner who can integrate the golf course design in balance with the natural surrounds.”

Dutch Docklands says it will announce the winning firm, a decision to be made in conjunction with the Maldives government, in time for work to start on the project next year.