Snag introduces 'After Dark' option


Sean Dudley

Player development programme Snag Golf has launched a new range of equipment designed to allow learners to acquire golf skills even at night time.

Snag's new After Dark product line includes targets, tees, balls, clubs and launch pads, all of which glow in the dark. The company says the equipment will function in the same way as its regular products, but also offer a night golf experience unmatched by anything currently on the market.

“Our target markets with the new product include golf courses, park and recreation facilities, YMCAs, summer camps, Boys & Girls Clubs, college campuses, high schools, and church groups,” said CEO Terry Anton. “After Dark will be the best available product to provide a much safer night golf experience on a driving range or any open space.”

Kits will come in six hole packages with club sizes for kids (26 and 30 inches) and adults (34 and 35 inches) or a mix of the two. Snag estimates each kit will cost US$2,599. Product will be available in June.