Southwest Greens Construction to build new academy course in Hong Kong


Southwest Greens Construction to build new academy course in Hong Kong
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Southwest Greens Construction has been hired to construct a new golf course and driving range at the Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy.

Located in the Sai Kung area of Hong Kong, the academy’s six-hole compact course will be built entirely from synthetic turf and has been designed by the Nicklaus Design firm.

“It’s not often that a truly amazing project comes along,” said Kevin Holinaty, president of Southwest Greens Construction. “I am proud of the opportunity to be at the helm of the construction of this unique driving range and compact course project. We are able to address every conceivable aspect of golf course construction, from golf greens, fairways and bunkers to cart paths. We can even resolve erosion control for lake embankments.”

Southwest Greens Construction has built several golf courses globally that feature synthetic turf systems, and Holinaty believes that the industry will continue to look at new concepts.

“We see the industry taking notice of what is possible with high quality synthetic turf systems,” he added. “This project is a testament to what can be achieved when you combine innovative design with the artistry and skilled precision of our construction team in installing our SWG Pro System.”

The site will also be home to a Nicklaus Academy, offering state-of-the-art training facilities, overnight accommodation and a fitness centre, as well as other leisure facilities such as tennis and paddle.

“Our client has provided us with an extraordinary opportunity to showcase the relationships that Mr. Nicklaus has forged over the years between Nicklaus Design, Nicklaus Academies and Southwest Greens,” said Jim Wagner, senior design associate for Nicklaus Design. “From early on in the project, we had a vision to create a pioneering product in golf development. The partnerships and relationships that exist within the Nicklaus Companies, as well as our client’s trust in our recommendations, have allowed us to create the project in an innovative and exciting fashion, incorporating a high level of teaching and operations with state of the art synthetic surfaces that eliminate fertilisers and pesticides and preserve an ideal ball reaction.”

Ted Simons, chief operating officer for Nicklaus Academies, said: “Nicklaus Academies, in partnership with Nicklaus Design and Southwest Greens, will deliver one of the world’s finest learning and training facilities at the new Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy. Nicklaus Design has done a masterful job of combining the vision of the developer, New World Development, with the goal of Nicklaus Academies providing the ideal golf experience for the patrons of the Academy.”

The course and driving range are set to open later this year.