Sustainability course from EIGCA


Sean Dudley
By Adam Lawrence

The European Institute of Golf Course Architects has announced a new initiative aimed at elevating standards of sustainable golf course design.

‘Raising the Standard of Sustainable Golf Course Design’ is a three stage programme and will start in April 2013 during EIGCA’s AGM in Sweden. It will be the world's first continuing professional development course on sustainable golf. Completion of the programme will enable members to be listed on a Sustainable Design Register that will be promoted internationally.

The programme has been developed in partnership with the Golf Environment Organization and will be supported and evaluated by members of the GEO Sustainability Associate network. The EIGCA has long been a supporter of GEO, being closely involved with the creation of the Sustainable Golf Development Guidelines, and this new initiative further cements this relationship.

EIGCA president Rainer Preissmann commented: “We believe that a fundamental way of achieving real improvements in the standard of design, as well as the acceptance of our work outside the industry, is through CPD and registration programme within the EIGCA that focuses on sustainable golf development principles and practices.”

“While many of us feel that we already approach our design work in a sustainable way, there is so much more to learn. The programme will cover all six key areas of sustainability included in the GEO guidelines, helping to prepare members for the final stage which will be the submission of a case study demonstrating their skills. We are confident that this is a programme that our members will enthusiastically support.”

Tom Mackenzie, chairman of EIGCA's Environmental Committee said: “We have been working hard developing and finalising the programme structure, content and lectures and it is great to launch for our members.”

Speaking on behalf of GEO, chief executive Jonathan Smith said: “Increasingly, it will be the designers of ecologically rich, resource efficient and community supported golf courses that will succeed. They’ll be seen to get projects through planning; help developers attain short and long term profitability; and leave marketable positive social and environmental legacies of which everyone associated with the project can be proud. Given that nobody is ever a complete sustainability expert, this EIGCA programme to promote further understanding and innovation is significant and valuable.”