Sustainable golf travel partnership


Sean Dudley

The Golf Environment Organization and IAGTO, the global organisation for golf tourism have announced a new partnership aimed at promoting sustainability in golf tourism around the world.

Eco and ethical tourism is growing as a percentage of the overall tourism industry, leading Travel Weekly to project that by this year 25 per cent of the world’s travel market could belong to sustainable tourism.

IAGTO chief executive Peter Walton said: “IAGTO's global membership of over 2,000 companies currently includes 725 golf resorts and golf facilities in 55 countries. IAGTO members take their environmental and social responsibility seriously and many are keen to advance further and more strongly promote their commitments and achievements. In parallel, many governments and tourism agencies are eager to integrate sustainability into their forward strategic planning and development policies. By connecting with GEO, we can add more value to our members and partners, promoting practical and relevant international guidelines for golf development and management; streamlined and easy-to-use business support programmes; and new communications channels to give messages more reach.

“Sustainable golf is a vital focus area for the future, and GEO is the only group entirely dedicated to helping the industry represent and improve their actions, bringing industry-leading experience, connections, tailor-made programmes and the ecolabel for golf.”