Swan begins Chinese course design


Swan begins Chinese course design
Sean Dudley

Swan Golf Designs has begun the design stage of a new resort golf course in Yunnan Province, China.

Lying in the city of Mile, famous for its natural spring and located around 80 kilometres to the south east of Yunnan Province’s capital city Kunming, the resort will add to what is becoming one of the fastest growing areas of tourism in China.

Swan Golf Designs will design and oversee the construction of the golf course, as well as having a say in the masterplan for the resort, which will include a hotel, spa and golf village. The team at Swan will be working alongside partner organisations from the Golf Consultant’s Association, which will provide architectural and management services for the project.

One distinct feature of the project is a focus on creating a traditional golfing theme at the resort, in contrast to the American resort style that many existing Chinese golfing resorts have adopted.

It is hoped that the course will open in the autumn of 2014. Construction work is set to begin later this year.