Swan elected to chair GCA


Sean Dudley

Golf architect Howard Swan has been chosen to chair the Golf Consultants Association for the next two years.

Swan will be supported by an executive of John Ashworth, Jon Barker and Luis Desouza, specialists in the golf and leisure business, architecture, interior design and branding; and golf systems management and hospitality.

Swan said: “There is no doubt, in these tough times for the golf industry, sound, and well reasoned advice from experienced specialists and experts with proven track records can give exceptional value to the business of any golf development as well as any existing golf facility, no matter where it might be. I am privileged to have been elected to the chairmanship of the Association and look forward greatly, with my colleagues, to building on its success of giving excellent expert advice to clients in projects throughout the world. In this day and age we must make sure that those we serve are given the best help to maximise their returns, to do so with realistic investment levels which can realise those returns, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the members of GCA can deliver this assistance extremely well.”