Swan renovates another Braid course


Swan renovates another Braid course
Sean Dudley

James Braid’s course at Middlesbrough GC in the UK is being renovated by Swan Golf Designs. 

Work began at the club – which recently celebrated its centenary – earlier this year and will continue into successive stages of renovation as part of a long-term development strategy. Swan has worked on a number of Braid courses, including Goodwood and Workington.

The practice is familiar with the Middlesbrough course, having carried out the course design audit for the current work as well as renovations to most of its bunkers and greens several years ago.

Course manager John Talbot said: “We feel this is one of the north east’s premier courses and taking such a big commitment is just what we need to elevate its design quality and set the standard for all those around us. James Braid was a great golf course architect and it can only benefit the club to restore the course to what he envisaged it to be when he laid it out all those years ago.

Howard Swan said: “It’s always an honour to work with a course designed by somebody with Braid’s pedigree. As a practice we’re passionate about making golf courses fit as naturally as possible within their surroundings so restoring the features on this great course is something we’re well equipped to do.”