Tiger Woods opens new short course facility at Bluejack National


Tiger Woods opens new short course facility at Bluejack National
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Tiger Woods has paid a visit to the Bluejack National, his design firm’s first project on US soil, to open the club’s 10-hole short course.

Named The Playgrounds, the short course facility complements the club’s 18-hole championship course, which will open in late April.

Woods’ firm has worked alongside Beacon Land Development to make Bluejack National a reality. The golf club will form part of a new private community in Montgomery, Texas. 

“The community has embraced this project and supported us and we wanted to have The Playgrounds and other areas here for kids and families to have fun like I did when I was a kid,” said Woods. “We had something like this when I was growing up. It was called the park. There was nothing this nice.”

Woods’ visit to Bluejack National hit the headlines when a video of Texas junior golfer Taylor Crozier hitting a hole-in-one went viral.

Bluejack National will be the second completed 18-hole course designed by Woods’ firm. The first, The El Cardonal course at the Diamante resort near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, opened in late 2014.

“My dad created par for me on every hole we played,” said Woods. “It would be the number of strokes it took me to reach the green plus two putts. It would start to be 12 and then eight and then it would go down to his regular par. We have Frank Tees (named after Wood’s Tiger mascot headcover) now where kids can play from their own tees and create their own par. We are creating memories to help grow the game of golf.” 

Woods also helped open the Nike Performance Center at Bluejack National, and is set to return to Bluejack National to officially open the full 18-hole course next month.

“This is a great day and a great time for Bluejack National and for all golf which can take this model and expand it to courses everywhere,” said Casey Paulson, president of Bluejack National. “We’re thrilled Tiger would be a part of this and help grow the game of golf.”