Top UK super launches bunker liner


Top UK super launches bunker liner
Sean Dudley

A new bunker liner product, developed by one of Britain’s best respected turf managers, has received its official launch.

Blinder is the creation of Murray Long, well known as the courses and estates manager at Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire, who developed the product using rubber crumb made from recycled tyres in a quest to reduce bunker maintenance.

Long, who is technical director of the Blinder Bunker Liner Company, said: “Blinder is suited to all types of bunkers and can be extremely useful in areas of heavy wear such as practice bunkers. It is also very effective in chalk and flint soils, especially stopping contamination of stones and other particles into the sand. Bunker maintenance is an issue I’ve been battling with for many years, and I’m confident that I’ve found a solution, not only for me, but also for my peers.”

Blinder is produced by mixing rubber crumb with a binding agent, and is then spread onto a sub-base at a depth of 25mm. The product is then smoothed by hand to create a base for the bunker sand. It can then be sprayed to match the colour of the sand, if required. Long says the liner is resistant to club strikes and burrowing animals and drains at a rate up to 2,400 ml per hour.