Toro control system launches in US


Sean Dudley

After two years’ development and testing, Toro’s new Lynx Control System is being shipped to customers in the US. All customers who purchase a Lynx Control System in 2010 will receive a free Toro Turf Guard Wireless Soil Monitoring System starter kit. 

Toro says Lynx’s user interface combines all essential irrigation data in an easy-to-use format and allows superintendents to act quickly on course management decisions. It also gives them instant access to past, present and planned course management information from multiple irrigation system components including weather and pump stations, electrical systems, sprinklers, field controllers and Turf Guard sensors. 

“We’re happy to announce that Lynx is successfully in use. Since the product launched at the Golf Industry Show in San Diego in February, sales have far exceeded our first-year expectations, and based on leads we’ve received, we anticipate a strong fall selling season,” said David Angier, Toro’s senior marketing manager.

Lynx’s course map functionality gives superintendents a bird’s-eye view of their entire course, according to Toro. And the system’s Power Guard feature shows actual pump station power consumption and profiles usage to work within electric company guidelines.

“In addition to its quick setup and many features designed exclusively for the golf environment, Lynx helps superintendents control water, labour and utility costs and ultimately helps them find more time in the day for other tasks,” said Angier. “And, because the system is expandable to accommodate future changes, superintendents can modify Lynx to meet the changing needs of their courses. Initial feedback from our installed base has been very positive.”

Toro expects to launch Lynx outside the US in 2011.