Tripp Davis’ renovation work at the Northwood Club gets underway


Tripp Davis’ renovation work at the Northwood Club gets underway
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Construction is underway on a renovation project at the Northwood Club golf course in Dallas, Texas.

The project is being led by golf course architect Tripp Davis and a team from his design firm. Davis was commissioned by the club to draw up a renovation and restoration plan for the Bill Diddel-designed course back in early 2015.

The work will see the restoration of all tees, greens and bunkers across the course. New NorthBridge bermudagrass will be introduced across the entire course. The only exception will be the greens, which will use bentgrass.

Davis’ team includes shaper Jason Gold, design associate and construction specialist Kyle Downs, and builder Landscapes Unlimited.

A new four-hole ‘short course’ will also be introduced as part of the project, which aims to appeal to junior golfers. The club’s existing practice facilities will be rebuilt, and a new irrigation lake will be installed. 

“Northwood is a great club with one of the best and most historic golf courses in Texas,” said Davis. “Our approach will be to restore the original character found in Mr Diddel’s greens, rebuild the bunkers to reflect Diddel’s style, and reposition bunkers and tees to be more strategically relevant for today’s game.” 

Northwood hosted the 1952 US Open, and club president Chris Harris described the current project as a ‘high profile opportunity for both our club’s members and the architect’.

“We have worked with Tripp Davis for many years preparing to return the Northwood course to the classic layout that tested Julius Boros and Ben Hogan more than 60 years ago,” he said.