Webster's Kingsfield course opens


Webster's Kingsfield course opens
Sean Dudley

Kingsfield, a new nine hole golf course facility in Scotland, has opened. Designed by Graeme Webster of Team Niblick, the course is located in Linlithgow, less than ten miles from Edinburgh airport.

Scottish professional Stephen Gallagher lives nearby, and has been using the range facility since its opening in 1995. “What they’re doing here at Kingsfield is crucial – it’s one of the first companies I’ve come across with a determination to secure the future of the Scottish game by forging linkages between experienced golfers and total beginners,” he said. “We need to nurture young talent in Scotland to ensure we have professionals coming up the ranks and we can only do this by breaking down the barriers which exist in golf.”

Robert Arkley, Kingsfield’s founder and managing director, has created the course as part of a farm diversification project on his family’s land.  He said: “Golf has moved on greatly in recent years, however, even at the most forward-thinking clubs, there’s still a real stigma attached to the game and the same set of obstacles or restrictions that continue to put off the younger generation of golfers who might otherwise be interested in the game.  At Kingsfield, we’ve created a much more welcoming environment which we hope will attract new golfers, of all ages, and continue to grow the game in Scotland.”