Weiskopf firm begins renovation of course at Country Club of St. Albans


Weiskopf firm begins renovation of course at Country Club of St. Albans
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Tom Weiskopf’s firm is leading a renovation of the Lewis and Clark golf course at The Country Club of St. Albans, Missouri.

Work is already underway at the course, which was designed by Weiskopf and his then partner Jay Morrish and opened in 1991.

One major feature of the project is the introduction of a new lining technology to each bunker and Bunker White Sand from California. Drainage will also be improved, with the entire project scheduled to be completed in spring 2015.

“If you look at the course and the site as a whole, it is a true gift from nature,” said Tom Weiskopf. “With this renovation, our overall goal was to make the course more playable and enjoyable for the membership and improve it aesthetically with the scheduled changes and upgrades to the existing design and new bunkers.”

The Lewis and Clark course at hosted the USGA National State Team Championship in 2009, and has hosted the St Louis Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association’s Open Championship annually since 2006. Plans are also in place to carry out improvements to the Tavern Creek course at The Country Club of St Albans.

“The Lewis and Clark Course has provided a stern test to the Metropolitan Open field for nine years,” said Curt Roe, executive director of the Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association (MAGA). “Over the last couple of years, professionals have commented on how The Country Club of St. Albans is one of the best facilities to which they have had the opportunity to compete. With the renovations taking place, the MAGA should be able to push the challenge of this course and Championship to new heights.”