European Institute of Golf Course Architects

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United Kingdom
Julia Green
Phone: +44 1483 891831

The European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA) is the professional body for golf course architecture in Europe and represents over 80 Members and Associate Members in 20 countries. Through their skill, experience and training, EIGCA Members have shown that they are able to design and supervise the construction of golf courses to the highest standards. EIGCA’s main objectives are:

• To advance the study of golf course architecture, planning and development
• To promote the technical and artistic development of golf courses and to encourage the highest standards of design and construction
• To define and demand ethical and responsible professional conduct among its members and to qualify those members through education, examination and practical experience

• To teach any subjects relating to golf course architecture, to assist in the education of future golf course architects and to provide continuing professional training for its members.

EIGCA believes that stewardship of the environment through sensitive design is a cornerstone of the golf profession and its code of conduct commits its members to protect, conserve and enhance the quality of the environment wherever possible.

Industry focus
  • Consultants and Advisors
  • Course Design Services, Products and Systems