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From issue 37 of Golf Course Architecture, published in July 2014.

Readers trying to decipher Sandy’s location in the last GCA came up with an interesting range of answers – we think our clue, pointing out that the course in question was set for a high profile this summer, actually put a few off the scent.

Several, in particular, felt it must be this year’s Open venue, Royal Liverpool, but as a large number of respondents figured out, we were referring to the previous week’s European Tour event, the Scottish Open, held this year at the wonderful Royal Aberdeen. Congratulations to Kneale Diamond of irrigation manufacturer Rain Bird, whose correct answer was first out of the hat. We suspect Kneale may have had some help in finding his answer, and hope he won’t mind sharing his prize shirt!

Regular readers will know that links golf is Sandy’s favourite form of the game, and so not be surprised to see him by the sea again. We’re tempted to wax poetical about the beauties of this course, but will resist, assuming that readers are well able to spot it. Entries, as usual, to

Nice try!

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