Tablet-based calculator for golf

Sean Dudley

Golf design and consulting firm Staples Golf Resource Group has released what it says is the golf industry’s first tablet-based energy and water savings calculator.

Created specifically for use on the iPad, the Energy Snapshot for Golf allows any superintendent, GM or architect to analyse a course’s energy and water use and associated costs. The tool then calculates the potential savings that can be achieved through following best practices for energy and water use.

Andy Staples developed the tool after years of investigating sustainable solutions for the golf industry. “I’ve spent the better part of the last 15 years spreading the message of energy and water efficiency in golf," he said. "However, communicating the value of these services to our customers has been tricky. I think we’ve finally broken through with a tool that’s accurate, easy to use and current with the latest technology available. If nothing else, we can finally say ‘There’s an app for that!’”

Staples and his team are currently working throughout the US, but have focused on the southwest due to the increases of costs to energy and water. A current client in Las Vegas, Par-4 Golf Management, recently engaged in an effort to reduce costs in two of their facilities.

“This snapshot tool is incredible,” said David Ellis, the firm's senior accountant. “The feedback it provided allowed us to reduce our operating costs by tens of thousands of dollars in only a few months.”

As each question is answered, the Energy Snapshot keeps a running tally of the information entered, and uses a series of algorithms to calculate the course’s efficiency of resource use. Matching those calculations with energy and water costs, the tool is then able to provide an estimate of annual savings and carbon emissions reductions. A series of savings tips and a 90-day action plan are also provided.