Vero Beach Country Club upgrades bridge structure on course


Vero Beach Country Club upgrades bridge structure on course
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

The Vero Beach Country Club in Vero Beach, Florida, has recently welcomed a new bridge to its course after working with GatorBridge, a custom aluminum structures company.

The costly problem of bridge deterioration is one many courses face,and wood and steel bridges have a life cycle of 10-20 years according to GatorBridge’s regional manager David Metivier.

His company has recently designed and delivered a new bridge to the Florida club to replace two rusted steel bridges which were deemed unsafe.

The old bridges crossed a salt water canal, but after they were found to be potentially hazardous and before an alternative was found, golf carts and light maintenance vehicles had to cross a bridge about 200 yards away where they had to dodge road traffic.

GatorBridge’s 86 ft, 15,000-pound (6,800 kg) aluminium bridge installation, has helped bring safety levels back to the desired standard. Thanks to the relative lightness of the aluminium bridge, Gator was able to pre-assemble in the factory and deliver to the site in a single truck. Aluminium bridges are also particularly durable, even in seawater environments.

Vero Beach has now ordered a second bridge for its course from GatorBridge. It is hoped that the new bridge will be fabricated and installed within eight weeks.