Agustin Pizá partners with Brandel Chamblee on golf course project in Mexico

  • Piza Brandel
    Pizá Golf

    Agustin Pizá and Brandel Chamblee are working on a 24-hole golf course project in Cuatro Cíenegas, Mexico

  • Piza Brandel
    Pizá Golf

    The project has a working title of ‘Butterfly Effect’ and construction work is expected to begin in summer 2022

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Agustin Pizá has partnered with former professional golfer and Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee on a golf course project in Mexico. The pair have said they will work together on other similar projects in future.

The first Pizá-Chamblee design is a 24-hole resort layout with four distinct six-hole loops. The project has a working title of ‘Butterfly Effect’ and is located in Cuatro Cíenegas, Desertica. Construction work is expected to begin in summer 2022.

Chamblee said: “Agustin Pizá, or ‘Augie’, is a man with a strong vision striving in his design philosophy to create golf courses and golf experiences that will thrill the enthusiast and activist alike, while offering to those without a traditional golf background an intro into the game.

“His four-by-six design project in Desertica is just one example of his creative ingenuity and desire to give more than just lip service to the idea that a round of golf is becoming too time-consuming and unsustainable ecologically.

“I have followed Augie on social media for years and, as I’ve become aware of his design philosophy, his keen understanding of past and present architectural principles, and his interest in helping underprivileged kids discover golf in Mexico and South America through the First Tee and other such projects, I was very humbled when Augie extended an invitation to join his team.”

Brandel brings to our partnership an acute understanding of golf course playability,” said Pizá. “As a former PGA Tour professional, he appreciates a golf course from a player’s standpoint but as an analyst his intellect provides some profound and unique insight. His perceptiveness will challenge me to become a better architect and I am up for that challenge.”