Another new frontier for Harradine

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Design firm Harradine Golf has expanded into yet another new territory, in this case Khartoum in Sudan, where the company has recently started the construction of the country's first grass golf course.

"Golf sites come in all shapes and sizes.

For some designers, 300 hectares of rich rolling topography set amongst overwhelmingly distinctive surroundings is the only answer for a great golf course," said project architect Johnny Stenegärd.

"In this case, however, the restrictive site, the flat topography and the opportunities for short hauls have inspired a nine hole course with very creative contouring and a strategic layout." Four out of the five lakes are connected by streams and all sit in the centre of the course. The excavated material will be pushed towards the boundary in order to create an artificial valley.

The Soba development will also include a mix of units that will consist of multifamily homes and condominiums. These residential areas have been located at each end of the golf course so residents will see this valley through framed visual corridors.

Other facilities include a short game academy, a driving range, a swing analysis studio, putting greens and tennis courts. This is to be Sudan's first grassed golf course, thus providing accessibility to new and existing golfers. "This shortish but tricky course will form the backbone of a new golfing community and encourage the beginner in yet another emerging market," said Stenegärd.