Better Billy Bunker and Durabunker enter new partnership


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    Durabunker and Better Billy Bunker recently collaborated on a bunkering project at Fieldstone Golf Club in Delaware, US

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Bunker construction specialists Better Billy Bunker and Durabunker have entered a new partnership which will see the two companies work together to enhance their respective global presence.

Better Billy Bunker will now serve as a representative for Durabunker in the US, while Durabunker will become a certified licensed installer of the Better Billy Bunker construction method.

The Better Billy Bunker method has been used at more than 600 courses globally, while Durabunker has installed bunker edge and bunker wall solutions at a number of courses in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.

The two firms recently worked together on a project at Fieldstone Golf Club in Wilmington, Delaware, which saw the creation of fully sealed, turf walled bunkers.

“A collaboration with Rhydian and the Durabunker team made perfect sense for us,” said Todd Jenkins, vice president of Better Billy Bunker. “It will allow us to offer not only the fastest draining durable layer in the industry, but also a long-lasting, sustainable edge solution. The combination offers a fully sealed bunker.”

Rhydian Lewis, founder of Durabunker and co-inventor of all design patents associated with the synthetic bunker face and edge solution, said that Better Billy Bunker’s market position, reputation and professionalism made the company the perfect partner in the US.

“The two patented products combine beautifully and though they will not be sold exclusively as a combination, together they offer the complete bunker solution,” Lewis said. “We are very excited to be working with them.”